I’m Ed James

I build software, travel, and write articles about things that interest me.


It's going to take a little while for me to put various articles online. I've written a mix of topics and themes, and hopefully you can find something that'll interest you.

I'll be writing mostly about software development, team structure, product development, travel, and the occasional product review.

July 2017 - technology

Transparent Redux

March 2017 - insight

A Lack of Distractions

March 2017 - travel

One Bag Travel

July 2013 - technology

Tools Are Not Skills


I'm not a particularly keen, or good, photographer, but I enjoy taking photos of places I've been and things I've seen. I occasionally write a bit of text to go with them.


Ed James

I'm a technical lead and software engineer, with a background in consultancy and performance engineering.

At the moment I'm taking a few months of sabbatical, after nearly 10 years in the industry, in order to find some time for side projects and visiting my family halfway around the world.

I'm a frequent volunteer at technical events, and enjoy being a part of the local technical community. At the moment I'm splitting my time between Manchester, UK, and Hamburg, DE.

I try and travel when I can find the time; when I can't I spend whatever time I can exercising, outdoors, brewing beer, and working on side projects. Sometimes I try and learn German, which is going slowly.