A Lack of Distractions

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I am writing this on a flight to Singapore, around 5 hours into the 12 hour journey.

I've spent a lot of this time working on my current project, and I've managed to implement a bunch of new features as well as plan out where the product is headed next. What has been absolutely fascinating for me, is my reaction to the once-or-twice per hour "hmmm" moments. When I get slightly stuck on something, and my hands immediately hit the quick keystrokes that would open up my browser on imgur.

Obviously, I'm on a plane, so browsing the web isn't really feasible, so I stare, blankly, at the empty screen for a moment, then "fuck it" sets in and I head back to work.

One of the in-flight meals I've had recently, some sort of mutton curry. OK, so sometimes I got distracted by the surprisingly good food on my flight.

While this relentless progress has left me feeling a bit more drained than I normally would after a coding session (admittedly that may also be the cramped environment or lack of light), the thing I'm feeling most is puzzlement as to whether my long-ingrained habit of taking a break whenever I get to something my brain can't get to grips with quickly has evolved into more of a problem of frequent distraction.

I think I'm going to take a detox from time-wasting sites for a while.

(Obviously, after one of these short outbursts I popped open my editor and jotted this down instead. At least that counts as productive, right?)